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Burak Tech Services. Your go-to streaming partner for the ultimate binging experience! people.

Burak Tech Services

  • Our Vision
  • Mission
  • Corevalues
Our vision is to be the recognized leading service provider in Sindh Province which will include the well-established and highly integrated with the value chains of Global services delivery.
We shall implement the ultra-fast advanced technology as an essential service to every residential & business address, vulnerable populations, low income users, educational institutions, public safety agencies and medical facilities.
We will be competitive, affordable and generate economic growth to create new jobs, while acting as good stewards to our valued customers.
We shall provide complete solution and services in internet access, multimedia communications, and informatics technology (ICT) at the best quality and with excellence in customer services, which empowers the business process to maximized values to business customer, and provide a bright future for users.
We shall provide a working environment which will allow the people to excel in their work and personal lives.
We shall achieve our mission based on our vision by integrating our core values and be proud for the services that we provide.
The Burak Tech Services Private Limited Core Values are the basis for establishing a foundation for the company. They define how we want to conduct ourselves and our business, and help us to create value for our clients, our people and our organization. Our Core Values are: Teamwork, Creativity, Customer Focus, Accountability, Professionalism Social Responsibility, Quality and Transparency.
Burak Tech Services Private Limited is a dynamic and leading edge technology company which specializes in providing high quality Internet service and solution to its clients. While our initial launch was more focused on providing high quality Internet services and today we are providing a wide array of services to our clients.