Burak Tech Services Private Limited is a dynamic and leading edge technology company which specializes in providing high quality Internet service and solution to its clients. While our initial launch was more focused on providing high quality Internet services and today we are providing a wide array of services to our clients.


Reliable Super Fast Connectivity

Ensure Success with Burak Tech Services

We're committed to providing continuous, blazing and affordable internet services.

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Last-Mile Access

Customer access to our Network is established via Active Fiber, Passive Fiber and/or Wireless technologies. Customer location, bandwidth & service requirements determine the technology used.

24x7 Support Services

Our round the clock Support Services team of engineers to assist customers starting from the service installation throughout the subscription tenure.

Secure Robust Network

Our distributed and segmented network architecture enables the provisioning of secure & reliable services. For added security purposes, every customer connection is fully isolated from the rest of the network.